Dryer Vent Cleaning

When you think of the air inside your home — there’s no question you want it to be fresh and clean. But dust inside your home, clinging to the vent covers is a good indication that it isn’t. That’s where WE come in. Insight Service Solutions cleans dirty air ducts in homes and businesses. It’s one of the things we do best!

PLUS, not only does it clean the air — having clean ducts eases the strain on your air conditioner and lowers electric bills that can soar during hot and humid summers.

We Use Specialized Air Duct Cleaning Methods & Equipment

So, how do we do it? Insight Service Solutions uses only the best air duct cleaning equipment in the industry.

We clean all supply air ducts and return ducts, using stiff bristle brushes that spin against the debris stuck inside. Our technicians bring a supply of brushes in different sizes so that each return and supply register is properly cleaned with an appropriate size brush.

Once inside the smaller supply ducts, these brushes spin and push debris where it’s suctioned out through hoses attached to powerful vacuums. We use both the vacuum and brushes to clean the return ducts, which are bigger and dirtier than the supply ducts.

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