Window Cleaning

We are COR certified and we do commercial window-cleaning services from as small as 2 windows to the largest buildings in Winnipeg. We offer regular scheduled services from once a week, to once every 5 years, and everything in between. Our ability to pre-schedule any desired frequency is one of the areas that we specialize in. We are able to accommodate any size of job anywhere in Manitoba! We service customers throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.


We clean store-fronts in every part of the city, which allows us to offer great prices (as little as $10.00)! Our uniformed service techs will come to your store with their tools and cleaning solutions ready to go. We will clean your windows and wipe your frames, causing as little disturbance to your place of business as possible. Our service techs come with your work order on a tablet which allows them to get a signature and send you a service slip by email immediately. The tablet and technology we use allows us to keep track of our workers’ progress and performance. This allows us to offer greater accountability and peace of mind for our customers.


We use a variety of different methods to reach your windows to offer you an affordable price — whether it’s ladder work up to 40 ft, boom lift up to 135 ft, water-fed pole work up to 80 ft. We’ve got you covered. We will review your worksite and recommend the best service type and give you as many options as we can to work within your budget. Ask us how our pure water-fed window-cleaning can save your landscaping and your budget!


We operate several Bosun Chairs and two Swing Stages to meet the needs of Winnipeg’s ever-growing skyline. Whether it’s window-cleaning, caulking, painting, or other high-rise services, we have the experience and equipment to get it done! Safety is a primary concern of ours; therefore, we take our safety program and COR certification very seriously. Our workers are trained in fall protection, Bosun Chair descent, and basics of rescue. All of our high-rise workers are supervised and are required to fill out daily safety papers and checklists to ensure that all equipment and procedures are safe and appropriate for the work being done. We look forward to working with you on your high-rise project!


We offer complete post construction window cleaning and post construction general cleaning services. We have worked with contractors of every size to clean anything from a small sushi restaurant to large office spaces downtown. During the post-construction phase, damage is of great concern and we take this to heart. We use a solution and hand-scrubbing method to dissolve adhesive and other debris before finishing the process by washing the windows, frames, and detailing. Our process also includes the use of scrapers to remove silicone or adhesive construction debris but only where necessary. Our process is methodical and detailed oriented as we ensure that we will not damage your brand new product.

Rope Access

And just when you think you have a job that no one can reach? We’ll show you the ropes! No question, rope access is the most cost effective and safest solution to overcoming all height and access projects. Our focus in rope access is maintenance, inspection and installation of equipment. Dusting where no one else can reach, washing the tallest windows, and replacing light bulbs and fixtures are just some of the things that rope access makes possible.

With fail safe anchors and high strength industrial ropes, we can move up and down and side to side with ease to get YOUR job done.

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